IMD Revolutionizes Learning Experience with ARHT Hologram Technology Investment

May 10, 2023 [crocon media – msch] – The International Institute for Management Development (IMD), a renowned independent university institute, is taking giant strides in enhancing its executive education programs. It has recently installed ARHT’s live hologram technology on its campuses in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Singapore, marking a significant investment in technology-mediated teaching capabilities.

This innovative technology is set to transform the way IMD delivers its programs. It enables faculty and guest speakers to engage with students on both campuses without the need for air travel, thereby expanding the reach of the institute. This move aligns with IMD’s strategic commitment to innovation and improving the overall learning experience for its students.

The implementation of ARHT’s hologram technology is not just about expanding reach; it’s also about enhancing the quality of engagement. IMD expects the technology to improve engagement and retention levels for its programs. The life-size, life-like projections of faculty and other experts create an immersive learning environment that goes beyond the capabilities of standard video conferencing tools.

Complementing the hologram technology, IMD has also introduced ARHT Capture Studio and ARHT screens in Lausanne and Singapore. This allows participants on both campuses to engage with projections of faculty and other experts as if they were physically present. The immersive experience promises to make learning more engaging and effective.

One additional benefit of this technological shift is the positive impact on sustainability. The reduced requirement for travel means that IMD can expand its programs to a larger number of participants while minimizing its carbon footprint.

Louis Leclézio, IMD’s Chief Digital and Customer Experience Officer, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating that it would enhance the institute’s commitment towards sustainability and learning equity. He believes that the partnership will allow IMD to bridge physical distances, offering its courses and expertise to students all over the world.

With its pioneering approach and willingness to embrace cutting-edge technology, IMD is truly setting the pace for a new era of immersive and effective education.

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