THEVIC20 has joined SiLLC’s retro investment portfolio

Today, Amazon delivered our pre-ordered THEVIC20 from RetroGames right on time, so it can finally join SiLLC’s retro investment portfolio.

We had to decide whether to invest in an original Commodore CBM VIC-20 from the 80s (the same question we asked ourselves before we ordered the THEC64Maxi). However, as you may know, those old machines contain old capacitors that usually start to leak after 30-40 years. So it’s always a risk to buy them, and it will add follow-up costs to replace those capacitors on the original boards.

Also, we love the idea of skipping the loading times from floppy drives (or even worse, cassette tape loading) by just loading the games from a USB stick.

Forty years later, Retro Games released its THEC64Maxi in a limited edition VIC-20 design with a PET keyboard. Great work, guys! It’s unbelievable that in October 1980, Commodore released the VIC-20 (known as the VIC-1001 in Japan).

Legends may sleep – but never die ! You can order your own by clicking here !

Have you checked the stock chart of Commodore International Corp on the Pink Sheets recently?

February 20, 2020 Cologne / Germany -It’s amazing to see such trading activity in Commodore International Corp’s stock on the Pink Sheets in October/November 2019. The volume exceeded 2.2 million shares, and overall, up to 8 million shares were traded in two months. This is a surprise, as such activity has not been seen in the past ten years.

Although we have no plans to invest in a stock listed on the Pink Sheets, it’s great to see some life in Commodore’s stock. We will continue to keep an eye on its stock chart!

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Make Amiga 500 great again

February 18, 2020 Cologne / Germany –

We recently purchased a heavily-used Commodore Amiga 500 for a very small price with the intention of restoring, refreshing, and modding it, giving it a complete make-over.

Currently, it is a vintage Amiga 500 with a yellowed case due to bad UV/sun-light damage, and a keyboard that is also very yellowed.

We are eagerly awaiting the return of the case, which has been completely re-painted, as well as the keyboard which has been pimped with a plotted coating print.

We also plan to install a new (used) internal floppy drive, as it was not included, and an external Gotek Flash Floppy.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work on this exciting project!

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