Arcario’s Q1 2023 Report: A Promising Future and Strategic Growth on the Horizon

crocon media, June 13, 2023 — [msch] Based on the Q1 2023 report, the future looks promising for Arcario AB. Here are some key points:

  1. Strategic Trajectory and Growth: Arcario is poised for growth and innovation, with a substantial portfolio potential. They are assessing several prospects aligned with their strategic trajectory and are eager to embrace the possibilities of the web3 space. As the digital assets industry continues to grow, Arcario is not only well-positioned to participate but also to shape the evolution of the industry as a key player. They have new initiatives and strategies such as their incubation program and ‘double-down’ strategy, which are set to accelerate growth and solidify their position in the industry.
  2. K33’s Progress: The first quarter for K33, a subsidiary of Arcario, was one of strategic reformation as they prioritized the enhancement of their core services. This led to promising returns and a substantial increase in the subscription base for K33 Pro Research users. The potential for K33’s newly developed market application is considerable, and they are well-positioned for rapid scalability.
  3. Portfolio Potential: Arcario’s portfolio potential is substantial and brimming with possibilities. They have been experiencing robust deal flow, and they’re presently assessing several prospects that are aligned with their strategic trajectory. They are eager to disclose more details about these promising explorations in due time.
  4. Innovative Initiatives: Arcario is embarking on several innovative initiatives and strategies. They are designing an incubation program specifically aimed at fostering startups and accelerating their growth, complemented by their ‘double-down’ strategy, enabling them to channel their investments towards the most promising, high-performing ventures over the long haul.
  5. Current Portfolio: Looking at their current portfolio, LN Markets continues to excel, consistently setting new records and breaking new ground. Pure Digital is another highlight, demonstrating substantial progress and showing real promise. Their mining operation, Green Data, is currently reaping significant benefits from unusually low energy prices in Northern Norway.
  6. Strategic Alliance: Arcario’s recent strategic alliance with COWA enables them to explore potential synergies and enhance collaboration on mining, web3 venture investments, and asset management with K33. This partnership, bolstered by solid financial support from their major shareholders and robust operational performance across their portfolio, fuels optimism about the future.
  7. K33’s Future: As for K33, the potential for their newly developed market application is considerable. With features that include seamless onboarding, access to deep liquidity, and advanced access controls, they are well-positioned to cater to high-net-worth individuals and family offices across the EMEA region. Their consistent fund performance, coupled with the successful launch of the K33 Vinter quality index, sets them on a path of rapid scalability.
  8. Leadership at Arcario is confident: In summary, the leadership at Arcario is confident about the company’s strategic trajectory and growth potential. They are excited about the opportunities in the web3 space and the digital assets industry, and they are committed to delivering stellar results for their shareholders.

    Michael Jackson, Chair of Arcario, emphasizes the company’s transformation and strategic reorganization, which has resulted in two distinct entities: Arcario and K33. This restructuring has optimized their strategic positioning and elevated their operational capacity. Arcario is now focused on building a robust portfolio of web3-related investments, while K33 aims to become the leading wealth management platform for digital assets. Jackson highlights the company’s portfolio potential, which is substantial and filled with possibilities. Arcario is also embarking on innovative initiatives and strategies, such as an incubation program for startups and a ‘double-down’ strategy to channel investments towards the most promising ventures. Jackson expresses his enthusiasm for the potential of the team and looks forward to sharing strategic investments and plans in the upcoming quarters.

    Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, CEO of Arcario & K33, shares his delight in providing insights into the company’s operations and growth trajectory. He acknowledges the strategic reformation in the first quarter for K33, which led to promising returns and a substantial increase in the subscription base for K33 Pro Research users. Jenssen is optimistic about the potential of K33’s newly developed market application, which is well-positioned to cater to high-net-worth individuals and family offices across the EMEA region. He also mentions the resilience and potential for substantial growth in the industry, post the FTX collapse, and the increasing institutional interest in the private wealth segment. Jenssen is enthusiastic about the future and looks forward to sharing the company’s successes with shareholders in the upcoming quarters and years.

Please note that while the future looks promising, Arcario operates in the cryptocurrency industry, which is still largely unregulated and subject to continual and rapid technological and regulatory changes. There are uncertainties related to the development of the cryptocurrency market, including its future size, and the future success of Arcario’s business is, therefore, difficult to predict.


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